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Re: Just a vent about MIL and Cd's

Yep, Oldest dear daughter blisters like crazy in sposies! Also in the winter we do not have any extra's since my hubby works in construction. I guess this is just the icing on the cake. I love them I really do, it is just that they are backward in everything. So completely opposite from me. My MIL is not a worker, never has been, and refuses to do anything and will purposely do it wrong so that she doesn't have to do it another time. She wants to babysit yes, but she also wants all the say in how they are raised. I would have asked my mother, but she is out of town.

My MIL in reality would do anything to not have to change the diapers at all. If poop was not coming up the back she would let them sit in it. She would feed them box after box of Kraft dinner (that I do not have in the house) just because she wanted it and thinks it is a kid friendly meal. Even if I left out a perfectly proper healthy lunch.

The diapers are just another thing that she gives me grief about. If I could I would leave her sposies, but can't for the above reasons. I do so much for her, and she should be happy she has the type of daughter in law that she does as most wouldn't put up with her. LOl If only I had all day to tell you some of the stories.

She actually had my sil come over when it was time to change and then went home for a nap, lol. The hour she was here did her in, lol.
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