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Re: Just a vent about MIL and Cd's

I should probably edit the above to mean my older daughter in diapers (older than the baby, but she pretty much changes herself, lol, just refuses to use the potty!) lol Thankfully the oldest 2 are completly trained and have been for years.

I guess I am just frustrated, and I am very thankful for how much she loves them, and I would never deprive her of a relationship with them EVER!!! I try to make concessions I really do, but I jsut do not see how disposables for her in this situation are any easier? She doesn't have to wash them, so all she has to do is the same as what she would already do...

I will try to scrounge some up for her for another visit, dd just has no choice, unless she wants multiple outfits of her just in undies, or I can let her run I can hear the conversation now, lol
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