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Re: which HE washers allow hot hot water?

Originally Posted by dannic View Post
I may be needing a new washer and am open to front or top loaders, but could you tell me if yours has the ability to have hot hot water?
Which HE washers work well for cloth?
What type of dipes do you own?
Do you like your HE washer? THX!

ETA: which ones allow a bit more water in the drum? (not weight controlled)
I'm totally skeptical of this "weight-controlled" thing I hear so much about here. Every FL I've ever researched (admittedly, not all of them, but anyway...) has a water level sensor that determines what the water level is after the clothes have tumbled for a bit and absorbed as much water as they're going to. That's why FLers fill with water, tumble for a bit, add more water, tumble, etc. Sure, you'll get more water if you add some towels to your load of diapers, but that excess water is sucked up by the towels, not flowing around in the drum.

That said - we have a Bosch FLer that I love. We've had it for 4 years, do ridiculous amounts of laundry, and it's still in stellar condition. It has a sanitary cycle that I've never used for diapers because it gets to be around 170, but it also has a 'Kids Care' something-or-other cycle that also heats the water, but not as hot as the sanitary cycle, and that's what I use if my diapers get funky for some reason (ahem, like not washing for a week ). Usually I wash on warm and diapers come out in pristine condition. We use Simplex, Peachy Greens, and 4.0s stuffed with natural fabrics.
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