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Re: Is it normal not to have m/s?

I can't really say I get "morning sickness" either. I get nausea, tiredness, and light-headedness, but I have never thrown up. I guess I've always considered actual m/s to be if you're throwing up or gagging a lot. I get pretty nauseous sometimes and smells bother me, but not to the point of gagging. I'm about 9w4d now and the constant nausea didn't start until about 8 weeks with me. I started to feel nauseous sometimes around 6-7 weeks, then it got better for a few days and then it got a lot stronger. I wouldn't worry, as long as everything else is fine, you're just a very lucky girl. However, it could come yet, because like I said my nausea didn't start until 8 weeks (but hopefully not). My biggest problem right now is constipation.
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