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There are so many things going on at once with babies I am having a hard time figuring out If ds (6mo) has a problem, DH and I haven't been sleeping and fighting because of it.

I'm sure teething is playing some part, but ds hasn't been sleeping well and wakes up screaming or crying in pain. Advil or Tylenol don't seem to help. I had cut out dairy because he had bad gas but slowly started to reintroduce it, I don't think he's gassy but I could be wrong. We just started BLW also but he hasn't eaten tons so I don't know if that could be it. Also right before this started we were trying the no cry sleep solution to cut down on how frequently he nurses at night because I'm exhausted.

I saw another post about foo allergies and eczema? He also seems to have eczema all over his arms and legs now, so I'm worried about that too.

I cut out dairy again 3 day ago and last night he slept pretty well, fingers crossed for tonight! Anyway, I guess I'm wondering if I should be worried about food allergies, sensitivities, should we stop introducing solids(DH thinks this is the issue) or just chalk it all up to a teething baby who likes to nurse all night long?

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