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Re: How soon do symptoms 'appear'?

Originally Posted by homebirthmom View Post
yep! I get obvious signs but dont realize them till after. wicked cramping, green veins on chest, tight cervix, very tired and nauseas. crabby or emotional. and typically my gums bleed right away or I have a funny taste in mouth.
the thing that tells me before a test tho is I get really hot and a wave of nausea while sleeping and I know, you can test. always positive then. cramps get worse and worse as days proceed. its so not fun.
Hum, I was just about to come update and post that i think i'm out for this month because i've been having cramps on and off all day (af was due today or tomorrow, possibly as late as wednesday as my cycles fluctuate between 28-30 days) and every time i wiped i expected to see a spot. TMI but i usually spot only 1-2 times the first day of AF and then the next day it 'starts'. So far nothing but cramps today

My other pregnant symptoms are still there, but still no dream.

I know i should just go buy a test, but they are so expensive. I couldn't find them at the dollar store near me. Is it just a US thing for them at the dollar stores or is it a specific dollar store?
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