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to those that foster drug affected babies...

I just want to say thank you. A medication I take resulted in our baby having to deal with withdrawals and a 3 weeks NICU stay. It was heartbreaking but we were educated and knew what to expect. Not that it makes it any easier. We were there to hold and love on our squish every day until he came home. But so so many babies there don't have that kind of love. The majority of babies born with NAS don't come from mothers who take medications out of necessity and therefor they have an entirely different emotional experience (unfortunately the physical aspect is the same regardless ). Seeing those babies crying, myself knowing how much pain they were experiencing, including my own son, just broke my heart. How a mother could do that to her child when she had a choice, I don't know. I feel guilt every day and I didn't have a choice. Knowing that there are wonderful mamas and families that take in these precious babies and love on them like their own warms my heart and I'm honored to know or at least know of the great mamas on here who do so. I know it's not always easy, hearing those shrill cries, seeing tiny babies shake, and spending hours trying to make them comfortable, but you guys volunteer to do so. You are a very special group so, thank you so very much. really.

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