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Re: chewable prenatal vitamins?

I've always taken a Flintstones chewable (the one with iron) every morning because all other vitamins (Centrum, One A Day) make me feel sick. So, when we were TTC, I just added an extra folic acid tablet and some Omega-3 to my daily routine and left it at that.

The special "prenatal" vitamins are a huge racket anyway. They just charge a ton of money for something you can just buy in the vitamin aisle at the drugstore or WalMart or whatever. Just read the backs of the bottles and you'll see how similar all the multi-vitamins really are. Just because one is purple and looks like Dino, doesn't mean its bad for you!

Once I got pregnant, I talked to my midwife about my preference for childrens' chewables and she said, as long I was eating a relatively well-balanced diet and continued with the folic acid through my first trimester, that the kiddie vitamins would be just fine. And my blood work backs it up. My iron is super-high and everything else looks great every time they check.
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