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I totally get why you would want to send the letter but yes imho I think it could be viewed as rude. My mom doesnt always pick the gifts I would choose for DS or DD (like you we prefer wood toys, instruments, art stuff) but--she picks him things she thinks he will enjoy. She gets that joy of watching him open something she got for him. If she asks me my opinion about what to buy, I give it to her.

I wouldnt send a blanket letter like that bc I would be worried someone would think I was telling them the gifts they have been getting all along suck. If I wanted to do a letter like this what I would do would be to make a cute email saying "My Wish List to Santa" with a pic. Something cute that seems less serious. Then put on there a little list. Like: outdoor toys, wooden instruments or blocks, etc. It kinda gets the hint across but a lil less demanding? But I def wouldnt be too particular bc afterall it is a gift.

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