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Originally Posted by Tabatha
But if I did ask for a refund, I would have to send it back right? Which would come out of the money I"m getting back. Not to mention that she wouldn't want to refund what she already paid for shipping, so how would that work out?
I really depends on what she is wiling to do. She is not required by Paypal to refund or make it right, but you can contact a mod and go into a mediation talk with her and the mod and hopefully find an agreeable solution. Whether that's sending them back or just getting a partial refund. But the ball is in her court. The only thing you have in your favor at this point is you can leave honest feedback and the possibility of negative feedback may motivate her to work with you (don't leave it until after a mediation), and/or hoping she will do the right thing.

If it were me, I'd want a complete refund and for her to cover the return shipping (tho no one would enforce the return shipping). Or is accept a partial refund if she was honest about what the smell was so I could clean it properly.

Someone has mentioned washing soda helps cut certain things, but I don't use it. Don't know what it is. Lol.
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