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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

As others have said I think it is individual comfort level, both for the child and the parent. I would have said we would have been a modest family, before having kids, but that has not happened. We don't flaunt nudity, but it does occur naturally, getting in and out of showers, going from shower to closet, kids busting in while getting changed. My DD is 9 and has zero modesty within the family. She does have modesty at the pool change room, and when friends are in, though. My DS 7 is a bit more modest, and started showing desire to change alone about a year ago. DS 4 doesn't care yet. I am feeling the need to be more modest in front of DS 7. A while ago he ran through my room while I was getting dressed and stopped, stared for a moment and said, "Boobies!!!", giggled and ran out. I took that as a cue.

One side perk that I had not thought about is having the "talk" with the kids. When we talk about changes to bodies and differences between boys and girls, men and women, my kids already knew it all, naturally, just by exposure. It did make the various levels of the "talk" go very easily and smoothly.
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