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Re: What do you see - tricky ultrasound.

Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe View Post
Nobody is trying to kill your hopes. You asked for interpretation and that's what has been given. I know that pregnancy hormones and your hopes for a specific sex can make it hard to hear otherwise, but nobody is intending it in a cruel way.

You should really pm pikemommy. She was in my ddc with my second. She's incredibly knowledgeable. If its just not a good image she'll tell you that.
I wasn't blaming you guys for killing my hopes. It just sucks because just about everyone that has seen it tells me that it's something OTHER than girly parts. Which is what the lady that did the ultrasound said that it most likely was. She's not a tech, so she couldn't TELL me for sure... ergh. I'm just so confused and frustrated. Not blaming you guys at all.
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