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Re: Rude?

I agree it sounds rude. And it contradicts when you say you don't have room in your house then provide a long list of acceptable toys. Like we don't have room for those junky plastic ones but we do have room for wood.

I don't think it's too late to send out a simple wish list for this year. Something like, "If you were having any trouble thinking of gift ideas for our son, here is a list of things he would enjoy."

Then next summer sit down and talk with each relative about your wishes. But don't get too hung up on controlling everything that comes into your house. I used to be really high strung about toys and gifts for many of the same reasons - not enough space, too noisy, *I* have to clean them up, etc, to the point of almost seeming ungrateful for things we had received. It was really hard to overcome wanting to control that aspect of Christmas/birthdays. So even though *I* have to deal with the clutter and toys and mess, it's not really about me. It's about someone finding joy in giving to my children.

One more quick story and I'll shut up.....last year my parents bought our oldest daughter one of those ride-on bike things you hook to the TV and play video games on. I knew it would never get used. Our DD isn't into that kind of thing, and it sickened me to think of a $50-$60 toy sitting completely un-used. So after all the festivities were over, I pulled my mom aside and told her that she really picked out great gifts for the kids this year and it was sooooo generous and sweet of her to buy our daughter the video game bike thing, but that she wouldn't play with it much. And I offered an alternative - to take it back and contribute the amount towards a new swing set. She wasn't upset and she agreed to the alternative. DD never even asked about it again.

And then I spent the entire year thereafter talking about experience gifts and an ikea wooden table & chairs.
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