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Re: Possible Miscariage, need support

Originally Posted by amyltc View Post
A question for you all. I hate that this loss was so early so I have nothing tangible of this baby. No ultrasound pictures, no anything, yet I still feel like I knew and loved this baby (I know I sound crazy right?) what have you done to honor and remember your lost babies? Did you name them or anything?

Also I wish that the physical aspect of this would get going, I hate knowing I'm going to miscarry and just waiting for it to happen.
Nothing you are feeling sounds crazy. The thoughts and emotions during this are so scattered and all over the place. I love mine from the second the line turns pink. As for honor and remember, I've always been such a wreck after mine that I couldn't. The first four I thought were flukes. These last two have hit me so hard that I still dont' feel I've recovered from the one I had a year ago, and now another babe has come and gone. Last year I baked a cake on my due date and ate the whole thing myself, but not sure if that counts. I've thought about buying a willow tree angel but I haven't yet. I hope you find a way to honor them that brings you peace.
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