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Re: Having serious 2nd thoughts on team green..

We're not going to find out, and didn't with the last one. I was sure he was a girl, and really wanted one, so I have to admit when my husband saw him come out and said we had a bouncing baby boy, a bit of disappointment went through me. But, I had no problems loving him, and we're quite attached today. I am really glad he wasn't a girl!

We don't care in the least what we're having this time around, so we're going to pick out two names we like, bring a girl and a boy coming home outfit to the hospital (because I always like to have something cute, then we use it for first pictures, too), but stick to gender neutral for everything else. I've never been one to want to deck the place out with pink or whatever (and knew a friend who did that and had a boy instead of a girl - I think that would be worse, haha).
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