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Re: Rude?

Originally Posted by irishdancemomma View Post
Thanks guys! I also thought it was a bit rude, but dh thought it would be fine. Glad I asked! I will probably let it go this year and send out a wish list next year.
Yeah I think a wish list or gentle suggestions are better. My in-laws always want specific toy info so it works out well. We have tried to say no presents at all or even stick to your $ limit- they have a $50 limit for present buying, but they never stick to it. I use to give them 1 item suggestion that costs $50 and they would buy it and a bunch of other stuff. So now I tell them something that costs around $30 so that they have better luck staying under their $50 limit. They can't seem to help themselves. I know if my parents were still living it would be WAY worse. For one my family doesn't ask for suggestions and they don't put a money limit on- they buy what they think is perfect. We'd be over run by toys- more than we already are.
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