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Re: have you ever traveled by plane past 36 weeks?

I had to show a note from my MW saying I was less than 36 wks when I flew while pg w/DS. Don't remember the airline... probably Southwest?

I was GIGANTIC and looked 40+ wks, ready to drop and plop out a baby at any moment. But I was actually 32 wks along.

I called ahead of time and asked about their policy. The lady told me to have a note ready, just in case, but she doubted I'd need it. Well, they asked for it at check in, so I'm glad I had it! They even quizzed my DH about my due date (like to see if I was lying or something??) and IIRC, called my MW (her number was at the bottom) to verify.

...I was seriously huge though... so that probably had something to do with it.... Or I just got an airline employee on a power trip or something, LOL.
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