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Re: Dry Homebirth, Water Homebirth or Hospital Birth?

My first, was a hospital birth. I labored in the tub, and then delivered on the bed.

My second, my labor was 1.5 hrs long, at home. I was in the tub for maybe the last 15 mins. The tub was only full to about my calves (we didn't have time to fill it up!). So maybe 6" of water? I can't really say it was a water birth, since the water didn't even cover my butt. But I guess you could call it that if you wanted to?

Third was also at home, in a tub, which was full, a "TRUE" water birth.

So I think I have a pretty wide variety of experiences.

Personally, I much MUCH prefer the comfort of giving birth at home. I have always been low risk, and have never had a baby w/pain meds or anything. So, that plays a factor. Obviously for some, this is not an option. I personally find it to be far better than delivering in a hospital.

As far as the water or not, it's really a personal thing. I find the water to be very soothing, comforting, and relaxing. Which I love. I laughed for most of my 3rd labor, (except when the baby started crowning) b/c I was so comfortable and relaxed during labor in the tub. It was great. That was my most "fun" labor.

I've heard the pain relief compared to an epidural. Sometimes called an "aquadural" Personally, I find this to be true. When I was forced from the tub to the bed with my first child in the hospital, I remember the pain being SO MUCH MORE INTENSE than in the tub.
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