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Re: Mama cloth gal (and Go with the Flo fan)

Originally Posted by MotherMoonPads View Post
You are GWTF? I never knew that!

I wish lol

Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
Carolyn and I got to talking on the GWTF fan page; she has no association with GWTF.

Once I've completed my 15 day do-you-trust-me period, I will be happy to show you the pads . Three of the GWTF ones are in a lovely coordinating emerald isle color (2 11" and 1 13") that would make a great Christmas gift or self-pampering!

Thanks for all the welcomes Annie, Dales, et. al.!

This. We both met on GWTF while stalking deals

Originally Posted by debcita429 View Post
Ok, I will remove the pictures, etc. I was providing a preview, since that had been requested. But I should have known that was a question mark. I'm sorry!! I'll take them down. As for this whole thread, I began it before I saw the FSOT rules (since the pads were not yet in my possession, I did not try to go straight there) and edited it as I saw them. If you wish to remove the thread, I am just fine with that!!! *sheepish*
I should have explained it better to you when I invited you through facebook and linked you and then saw this here

I hope you stick around for awhile!

I'd be happy to chat with you on here to help you get your post count up to sell. I really do think your mama cloth items will sell well
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