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Re: OK...please tell me about Target Pristine Detergent I'm intrigued! Better than Ti

Originally Posted by thtr4me View Post
Love the stuff! So far most of our laundry funk has stayed away with the Target detergent. I am not sure what is causing the funk, but I suspect our local well/spring water to be the cause. Diapers are smelling almost like nothing, and towels don't reek anymore. Huge thumbsup so far from me!

Tide was not doing anything to get our laundry smelling clean, even with bleach, hot water washes, extra rinses, etc. I even tried Borax, which got rid of the smell initially, but then it came back and even the Borax could not touch it.

Awesome!!! Since you have such hard water do u use a softener like Calgon and do u have to use bleach with the target detergent or are you able to get away with out it except occasionally?
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