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Re: what do you feed as snacks?

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
I generally give DD 2 choices

If she isn't hungry enough to eat what I offer, she isn't really that hungry and can suck it up til dinner.
Yup, this.

I'm a meanie.

I offer whatever fruits I have on hand (except berries b/c the kids eat them too fast and they cost way too much to let them just devour them in one sitting). My kids love to eat plain ole tortillas. String cheese is always a hit. .... Those are pretty much our go-to snacks.

And if they don't want the snack, they can wait till the next meal. If they start whining, I just offer again whatever I offered before. If they refuse again, I just remind them they'll have to wait till the next meal, then. Usually 3 times of this gets them to accept the snack and move on with life. LOL
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