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Potty training help!!

My 2 yr old potty trained a few weeks before her 2nd bday.. On her own...I followed her cues.
Then a few months later she had a few weeks of sickness...flu,cold,hives, and stopped using the potty altogether. I just chalked it up to being So i didn't push it.
A few months later she decided to potty train again..instant big girl underwear..hardly any she really really got it.
Now..she is her 3rd week in a string of illnesses and today..will not go in the potty at all. She has peepeed everywhere Except the potty.she even poo'd!! She never ever does that.
I addressed the first no potty incident at her last dr visit..and was told it was normal..she is just 2.. She know full well what she is doing,.and to keep it up. Now this time.....I am thinking there MUST be something wrong...she is doing it Again...Will she do this every time she gets sick now??
We do lots and lots of praise..rewards..songs..clapping..heck..she has her 4 yr old sister cheering for her every time because she gets a treat of some sort too for being a good cheerleader.
What should do now?? I don't want her to fall off the wagon..again..and I don't want to make a big deal it to her...
Blech. My house has been lysoled,, sanitized and steamed. I am exhausted!!,LOL!!
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