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Re: Bad weight gain

We had weight gain issues and I met with a lactation consultant regularly to have him weighed before and after nursing to get an idea of how much he was taking in. I found that the doctor was a little more concerned with the weight gain than the lactation consultant, maybe you could find a supportive consultant. I would also say that my lactation consulatant was a bigger champion of breastfeeding than the pediatrician. My little guy loves solid food and he'll eat a good amount, but as stated above no one's packing on the pounds from peas and carrots and cereal doesn't have all that much nutrition aside from the formula/bm its mixed with. If you have a milk supply issue adding in solids is only going to make it worse. I would get your latch checked, and there are things you can take to increase supply like fenugreek which I've used with great success. If you have a pump you can try to pump first thing in the morning when your supply is the greatest and give a bottle of the pumped milk.
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