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Re: Why do people pos on Facebook about...

why do people post on facebook about most things?

I don't remember complaining about my child's sleep regresssion or potty training problems or whatever on facebook, but I see it from plenty of other people.

I guess because it opens a door for a conversation. One of their friends may be dealing with a similar 'problem' and find comfort in knowing they're not alone or something.

I also think that most people are under the impression that everyone does these things. Everyone starts solids at 4months, everyone does CIO, everyone does whatever.... especially first time parents who think that all their issues are unique to their baby.

I remember one facebook post that was titled: 'question for mothers of boys' and the parent of pretty much any child could have answered it.. it wasn't really gender-special like the parent thought.. but they didn't know that.

anyways.. I know you were just ranting... but really, I think people are just trying to make a connection. Maybe they want someone to commisserate and say it'll be okay and that they didn't ruin their child for life. Who knows.
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