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Re: Toddler running from you?

Originally Posted by Hopper Graphics View Post
This gives me hope! My oldest was a little challenging, but NOTHING like my 22 month old. We went to a cabin in the mountains this weekend, and keeping DD2 from running into the street/off a cliff/into the fire was super stressful. We try to redirect, babywear, etc, but she loves to sprint and climb. I'm taking both girls to Silver Dollar City in 2 weeks with my parents without my husband, and I am seriously considering a harness. I used to think "Oh I would NEVER put my kid on a leash", but then I had DD2. Off to amazon to check out the prices now, actually.
I feel this way about my DD, she's a firecracker. She started trying to run out into the street at 8 months old and hasn't stopped since. She's definitely going to be more of a challenge than DS was.
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