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Originally Posted by sdodge
DH and I are stuck on this one. We are doing the 4 gifts this year (something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read) and my mom took my idea of something you want. She bought him a tablet. He loves electronics but already has a dsi and an mp3 player. He also loves to ride his bike. Other than that, he does not play, not interested in clothes yet...mainly just something electronic. We are at a loss. The budget is between 50-100.00. Suggestions?
What kind of tablet? Whatever it is, you can look for a docking station for it. I'm getting one for my iPad..I love that it charges it and also has nice speakers for when I'm watching Hulu plus. My sister also has one for her Galaxy.

Does he have his own tv? If so, maybe a blu ray player if he doesnt already have one?
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