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Instant hot cocoa mix - can't make it until Thursday, boo.

(I apologize... I'm not going to be able to share the exact recipe because it's from a site that you have to pay to join, but they do have a free 14-day trial. I'm not affiliated with it in any way so PM me if you want the link (I don't get a referral or anything).)

Anyway. I found a recipe for a hot cocoa that has dry milk, cocoa, sugar and white chocolate chips. I'm supposed to process it in my food processor to make the chips go into tiny bits. But my processor is dead. Too much force the last time I grated cheese caused a big split in the center post and now the blade won't go on it anymore.

The good news is that I have the dry grains container coming for my Vitamix (yay for Black Friday specials), and the shipping notice says it should be here on Thursday. I started to try to process it in my wet container but I got too nervous, lol. (The blades of the dry container are arranged in such a way to push the ground product up the sides of the container, instead of pulling the wet ingredients down to the blades.) So I stopped and now all the measured ingredients are assembled and in a container, and I'll work on it on Thursday.

This, along with some Russian Tea and a mug, are going to be my contribution for a gift exchange this Saturday morning. I've had the Russian Tea many, may times over the years (and I WILL share that recipe in a bit) and I know I love it, but all the other hot cocoa recipes I've tried have been just powder ingredients mixed together, so I'm interested to see how this one tastes with the white chips in it. I'm so bummed that I have to wait until Thursday, lol.

ETA: Russian Tea

1/2 c instant tea granules
1-1/2 to 2 c sugar
2 small packets unsweetened lemonade mix
2 c Tang granules
2 t ground cinnamon
1 t ground cloves

Mix thorougly. Store in airtight container. To use, add 2 t to cup of boiling water.
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