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Re: Kyo's Christmas Stash-away!

Originally Posted by anniekins1488 View Post
Not entering mama but this is such a wonderful FFS lotto! I love seeing all the love and sharing by mamas here. Thank you for sharing the love!!

(Unless my DSD would use the BG pockets, she didn't want prefolds I bought for her so she may not be interested in pockets either. I don't think she realizes just how expensive diapers are going to be for her and her bf. I'll ask her about these and show her your pic, if you'd allow me to enter on her behalf).
No problem, mama. Everyone deserves a fair shot. I'll prolly be using some sort of online random number picker to decide the winner anyways.

And thank you to all the compliments I've been given. You guys are an awesome community, and it feels great to give back to it.
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