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what I wish I had...

I'v realized I don't like chaos in my stash. I have too many different diapers and it irks me. Some fit a bit big, some are a bit tight, etc. What I want:

12 Sandy's
8 doublers
12 prefolds
6 of the prefitteds I have
3 AIO velcro for Grandma/Church
Wool....lots of wool

Actually...even that sounds like too much. I might like all Sandy's, except I worry that when the summer comes he will need stay dry like his sister did, to prevent heat rash.

What I have are a lot of the prefitteds that are really a bit bulky, 4 sandys (2 of which are rough/old/used), not sure how many prefolds (not enough), 1 osocozy, 2 made by a friend that are getting small on him, 2 given to me swaddlebees fitteds that I LOVE, but need doublers, a bunch of econobums and ME covers and starting to build up my wool.

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