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Best carrier for an XS mama

Hey ladies,

My very good friend is expecting and I told her I would take care of getting her a carrier. I have a few ideas but thought I would take it to you mamas. She is very small though like 4'10" and 95lbs prepregnancy or about.

I have heard the beco is good for smaller moms and would be my number 1 choice for ease of use. I think she will get fed up with a moby because there was so much fabric even for me and I am twice her size. How is the KTAN? Isn't it stretchy but already wrapped up? I also really want to get her an XS WCRS but worry the learning curve will be too much and she won't love it and use it. She is 4 hours away from me but I do plan on going once she has the baby do I could teach her.
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