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Re: Sleep training

Thanks ladies. DD hates her car seat and will tolerate the bouncy seat and swing for about 10 minutes (and really only when the swing swings front to back, not side to side). The swing actually wakes her up (we've tried different speeds with the same result). Happiest Baby was a godsend w/ODD but while it quiets my LO when she's fussy, she also seems more awake when doing it so it doesn't help with the sleep issue. Counterintuitive I know. She seems most comfortable resting on my chest and does great with tummy time (super content on her belly). Maybe once she's consistently rolling over we'll try letting her sleep on her stomach to see if that will help (and not until then).

Might just have to ride this out until then. 13 years from now I won't be able to roll her out of bed with an air horn.
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