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Diaper Rash

My 3 month old son has been battling diaper rash for about a week now. When we are home (which is most of the time), he wears cotton prefolds with a Thirsties cover. When we are out and about, he wears BG 4.0 or the Thirsties Stay Dry Insert and cover. For overnights, he wears the BG Freetime. I've been using Thirsties Booty Love and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm to try to clear up the rash. I'm pleased with both products but it seems the rash will almost clear up then come back again. I'm wondering if it's the prefolds... the wetness being right against his skin? He has even been getting red on his belly, where the top of the prefold rests. Could it be that I'm not changing him often enough? Or could it be that his skin is too sensitive to the wetness being directly against it?
Thanks so much!
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