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I think why I'm concerned and the dr is concerned is that she is not gaining but also dropping percentiles... She left the hospital in the 20th for weight and 19th for height by 2 months she was in the 56th for weight and 30th for height at 4 months she is in the 15th for weight and 85th for height.

I am going to try and find an ibclc but in the meantime I'm going to give her a little extra breast milk after every feeding. The ped wanted her to have 2-4TBS of oatmeal mixed with breast milk 2-3x a day so I'm going to just give her the breast milk for now and go from there.

I did order some vitamins to help up my supply so I can pump more (with as often as she eats it's hard to pump anything now) and then if I need to give a bottle after a feed I can just use that. I'm going to try and take dairy out of my diet but I doubt it will help, I tried that when she was 2 weeks old and it did not help any of her symptoms but maybe it will help with weight gain :shrug:
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