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Re: On the road to answers. Tips?

Originally Posted by pacanova View Post
Are you looking for tips for your appointment or tips for having a child w/Autism? I've been working with children with Autism and their families for 12 years, as a certified teacher for the past 8 and can offer some insight from that perspective. Otherwise just sending lots of and positive vibes your way.
Either one. I would be grateful for any sound advice, as I am feeling out of my leauge. If it makes a difference, I bet she will be dxed with aspergers. That's if things don't change between now and then...they seem to be getting worse right now, and her appointment is not until next July.

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Have you read The Out of Sync Child? It is a really good resource to help you better understand sensory disorders.

From a medical/dealing with doctors prospective...

Get a folder. Mine is manila. Keep track of everyone's phone numbers on the front of it. Write down the secretaries' name every time you call, and star the ones that are helpful. You'll learn who is helpful and who is not. Also write down the nurses' names. That way, when you call and need something quickly, you know who to ask for, and whose voicemail to leave messages on so that you might actually get a call back.
I have read the Out of Sync Child, and the Out of Sync Child Has Fun. I haven't really read much other than those, because this is pretty new to us. I am in the middle of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD. She's always had issues (and she has FCD), but is having more now. Thank you for the file advice, that sounds like a good idea. I have a file for all her EI stuff, and one for all her FCD info.

I did start a huge log today, tracking all her food/beverage intake, sleep, mood, behavior and skin issues. She's had a couple rashes lately and I can't figure out if they are food related or what. Plus since she's displaying some new behaviors (like hand flapping) I thought I would see if I can figure out what might effect that kind of thing, plus I'll have a good log for when certain behaviors started. Is there anything else I should be logging? Any more advice?
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