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messed up cycle occuring months after delivery?

I have always had a very regular, very long cycle (38days before I started having kids and 36 days after). I have breast hypoplasia and am not physically able to bf. My cycle normally returns around 6weeks pp.

With my last baby, my cycle came back normally, was regular for 16 months, then this June started going crazy. I had 3 full periods with spotting between over a 45 day period (June to mid July), and have had bright red spotting in between cycles since then (and my cycle range from 33 to 36 days).

I have excruciating, stop me in my tracks, feels like transition labor pains, cramps on the first day of my period since laney was born. every single month. I never had significant cramps before.

I went to the midwife in august who did blood work to test my thyroid, and a full exam and pap. Everything came back normal.

Just wondering if anyone has had this drastic of a change in their cycle so long after birth?
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