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Discourged. Want to give up!

Third baby first time cloth diapering. Just when I thought we were getting the hang of it I'm having issues.

We started with perfect size fuzzibunz but switched them all out for freetimes and a few FLIPS recently. A couple of weeks ago we had a busy day out and I left a poo (EBF) in there way too long oops mama mistake. He developed a pretty bad rash that just wasn't going away with coconut oil, his poor booty was raw and the freetimes were just too wet so we switched to disposables and triple paste until it cleared. Then on thanksgiving (this actually might have been before the disposable switch)I noticed a tiny spot of blood in his flip where he had just peed I flipped! Thinking it was in his urine. The nurse hotline just said to keep an eye just a fluke no fever or pain and it didnt happen again. He seems very sensitive to the freetimes. like it folds and twists I think the micro may touch his skin and he has red burns on his legs. Excuse my yammering hope this makes sense my anxiety is so bad right now.

So! Tonight he had a flip on and I saw another spot of blood! This time it seems like it came from his wee wee almost like he has a little scratch or irritation, doesn't seem like it was his urine this time. He does have some irritation on his bum. I already went and got pampers *sigh* because the blood worried me again.

I just don't know what to do! We had no issues with our fuzzibunz at all. I'm tempted to throw in the towel because its such an effort to get this right. We are also using rockin green that could be too harsh on his skin, but we did use it a few times on the FB with no issues. So is it the freetimes the RG? I don't know what to do! I just spent so much time switching his whole stash out.
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