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Re: Crap on a cracker, my kids have lice

We got the kids heads all treated and they all got super short haircuts with the #1 guard! Thank goodness I have all boys! I feel so bad for not catching it sooner. My 3 and 6 yo both have scabs on their scalps from scratching. I've been trying to grow their short summer cuts out because they both have really nice hair, but now it's shorter than ever. Thank goodness the baby doesn't have any, or my husband. We found two juveniles on me but no nits or adults, they probably don't like my colored and blow-dried hair.
We've gotten the lice letter home from school a few times last year but nothing recently. I would have checked their heads sooner if we had gotten it recently. I usually check them at least weekly because I've always been paranoid, but lately I've been slacking. Never again!
Oh and we got Papa Murphy's for dinner so it wasn't a total bust. And my mom promised them a raincheck for later this week for Red Robin. I guess she loves us enough to buy us burgers even after combing gross bugs and eggs out of all our heads.
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