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Originally Posted by luvof3boyz
I have used Country Save, Tide Ultra, and now target Clean Pristine lavender. I love it. I hated Country Save. My diapers always smelled coming out of the washer. I have an he FL and at the time hard water. I switched to Tide Ultra, they no longer sell original. It worked but then I put salt in my softner and the bubbles. I could rinse forever and still have suds. I also had to strip, which I have never did before or since. I tried Target on a whim. It is not located in the laundry aisle but in the natural cleaning aisle with Seventh generation and Mrs. Myers. I got the lavander scent but it also comes in free. It works so well. I love it and it gets my diapers really clean. I only have to do one extra rinse. It only comes in liquid. 32 loads for $6.59. Hope this helps you mamas.
You say you have a HE FL and hard water - do you need to use bleach in prewash with re target detergent?
I'm in the same case(HE FL, hard water) and have been using tide very successfully, but the only thing is that I hate the smell and I'm afraid to try another detergent.
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