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Re: messed up cycle occuring months after delivery?

Was progesterone suggested (in patch or cream) to get you back on track?

The only time I had crazy, weird bleeding after my 2nd son, was when I was pregnant and didn't realize I was miscarrying. After 6 weeks of bleeding heavy and then it lightening up and then spotting lightly again and then 1 day of no bleeding and then heavy bleeding again, (it was exhausting) I called my OB and asked his thoughts and at first he thought my period was out of whack (via phone) and prescribed progesterone to get it back on track. Got it, read it, and it said not to take while pregnant, so i thought I'd take a test (don't know why) and it was positive. Went in for a u/s and the baby was not formed right and I was trying to miscarry it naturally. Asked if we could hold off on a D&C and give me a few more weeks (really wanted to avoid it because of scarring risk) and it took me another 3 weeks, but I passed the rest. Had to take iron to keep my energy up because I was so tired.

ANyway, are you sure you aren't pregnant??? If you are sure, could you ask about progesterone to help get you back on track (I think I was prescribed it for one month because that usually does the trick). Just some thoughts.

((hugs)) on the pain! After my c-sections, I have really painful periods (but no issues on irregularity since the miscarriages). I hope you find an answer soon! Could you go in for an ultrasound and see how thick your lining is? Isn't this a symptom of endometreosis (just a whim)?
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