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Need rash help :(

We just started cloth again after a 4 kid/8yr hiatus so a lot has changed. I had saved much of my old stash - mainly old fuzzibunz and some elbees I also purchased a few new pockets on eBay, some flip covers, and some kawaii. I use prefolds to stuff, as well as some very (very) well-loved babykicks. The first week or two things were fine. The trickiest part was figuring out a good wash routine. We have a whirlpool duet sport FL and a may tag bravo TL. We have well water that can be hard or super super soft depending on where it is in the recharge cycle on the softener. We also have some sulfar issues - very noticeable in sink/tub water, tho I have not smelled with laundry. Almost immediately I noticed some serious stink issues, esp overnight. So I started rinsing the overnight dipes and all of my stuffers in cold sink water until they run clear, then toss in the pail. That has diminished, but not 100% fixed the ammonia smell. So I did a vinegar rinse on the inserts only, which also helped a bit. Then read about the overnight vinegar/oxy soak and did that prior to next wash. I've been using original Tide. I only did one wash in the FL, and hunk it just does not use enuf water. So I've been using the TL and adding extra water where I can. I do cold overnight soak. Then a cold wash, no detergent. Hot wash with tide, extra rinse. Then another rinse and drain.

Here is the issue - my poor ds's bum! Yowsers! At first, it was just a bit pink after an overnight of an elbee fitted with a flip cover. The elbee was SOAKED, but no leaks!! So I put a fleece liner in his next dipe and added some target zinc oxide (all I had at the time). That seemed to slightly improve the pink. That night I did another elbee fitted under wool thinking he needed to breathe more. The next morning he was bright red and had a dime sized perfect circle of red on his butt cheek. It almost looked like a dime had been inside his dipe and he was laying on it all night ??? I switched to a sposie for the morning and put a layer of neosporin down and a thick layer of Burt's bees butt cream over it. At the next change it looked more fungal so I tried some antifungal cream and have also read that coconut oil is sposed to be diaper friendly so I've stared smearing a layer of that on every change. I always rinse his bum in the sink in the am with warm water and a mild soap, and have also been rinsing after naps or any other prolonged changes. Then I pat dry and let air dry before the next dipe. Other than the overnights with elbees, I have not noticed that the rash is specific to any particular dipe. I am not at all impressed with the coconut oil, but I wonder if the stuff I have is not "good enough." I got it at Walmart last year and have been using it in the kitchen and also tried doing the oil cleanse on my face (again, not impressed). It does not have any coconut smell and is not the brand people have recommended from Walmart. So I'm wondering if I need to try and get that instead. Any other suggestions? I don't know if it's my son - he's never been overly sensitive before and has always cleared any rash quickly with Burt's. Bees. Or my dipes. But baby #7 is due any day and I'd like to get this figured out so I don't subject a newborn to the same fate.

Thx for your help. I'll try anything at this point!
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