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Re: 6yr old sleep problems

Wow, that's a hard one since his body is so used to this. Our sleep issues aren't quite that bad. I will throw a few ideas out there.
Try to anticipate what he could want during the night and have it ready.
Would he sleep better in a warmer room, room darkening shades/curtains, white noise?
Make up a visual chart so he knows what he could be doing when he wakes up
Try a reward for a couple of months if he doesn't wake u up. It could be money to buy something he wants, or a mark and after he gets twenty marks he gets something.
Keep waking him up on time, even if he hasn't slept
Take all toys out of his room so his body can learn that his room is for sleeping only
No caffeine or dyes
Be very flat/neutral if he does wake u up
Night light
Teach him some basic relaxation stuff he could try at night
That's all I got, I'm sure you've tried most already
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