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Re: Dry Homebirth, Water Homebirth or Hospital Birth?

I've had 2 hospital births, first one a crappy experience and the 2nd a positive one but I still wasn't informed on other options. I hated my babies being seperated from me in the hospital. My first was in the Nicu for a week(past his due date and was unnecessary IMO), then with DD they took her for tests and pictures. Luckily I felt good enough to walk around and follow. I also requested her bath be given in my room(they wanted to take her for that too).
My 3rd was a dry homebirth and I'm planning a water homebirth for my Feb baby.
I had planned a waterbirth with DD2 but was in transition when the midwife got there with the pool. I waited to call her because I wasn't sure if I was in labor, lol! DD2 was born in my bathroom, hands and knees/squatting position on the floor. An overall good experience. So this time I'm getting my own pool. I suggest getting a plan in place for your other Lo. I couldn't relax completely because I felt confined to the bathroom so I didn't wake the kids. We have a shotgun house and we have to walk through the kids room to get to ours. This time I'm more relaxed about the kids watching if they want and feeling more open to do what my body wants. And I love snuggling in my bed with the newbie afterwards. Like pp said, you can't plan everything or know completely what you'll want until your in labor. God bless mama!!
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