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Re: 6yr old sleep problems

He's going to bed at 6pm?

I personally think that's a bit early.

What are his activities like in a typical day? What is he doing?

My DD will be 6 next month. She is a crappy sleeper compared to the other two kids I have. She takes FORever to fall asleep, and whines and complains. But once she is asleep, she sleeps all night. Then she is up at the crack of dawn, before anyone else.

At (almost) 6, she STILL takes a nap EVERYDAY from about 1-2 to 4pm. She NEEDS that nap. And then bedtime in our house is 8-9pm depending on what is going on that day.

Could he need a nap during the day so that you can move his bedtime later??

Might he be needing more stimulation during the day to help him feel tired? I don't mean coloring or cartoons, I mean park time, where he can really get active and burn some energy...

Could there be a food he is sensitive to that is keeping him up?

How about a bedtime routine? Do you have one? We have had the same nap and bedtime routine for about 3+ yrs now, and the routine REALLY helps.

I'm sorry you're having trouble. Sleeping issues are no fun!

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