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Re: Mamma's who work outside the home....

When we went to a daycare that used cloth, I sent about 18 diapers for the whole week. She also bag of backup disposables in case she ran out. I only took diapers on Mondays. I washed when the pail was full and stacked everything for the next Monday. We used BGE's for daycare and later thirsties pockets.

We go to a daycare now that doesn't use cloth, but I just wash when the pail is full or almost full, sometimes I throw them in in the morning, sometimes in the evening. It's not the washing that takes so much time because the washer surely doesn't need to be watched or anything, it's the finding a minute to fold and stuff pockets. I loathe pockets and am going to destash them (again). I fold in the living room with the kids playing around me. The baby sits in his seat watching me.
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