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Re: Need rash help :(

Personally, although I LOVE coconut oil, I really don't find that it's a very effective barrier cream for cloth diapers. It may help a very mild rash, and it may soothe skin, but that's about it.

Our overnight diaper inserts (I think you called them stuffers) have to go into a wet pail until wash day. On wash day, I run them through a bleach/rinse cycle. We have FL washer, too, and moderately hard water. My son MUST have stay-dry fabric against his skin at night, and breathable fleece or wool covers 100% of the time or he will get rashy.

I recommend that you try the stay-dry fleece liner at night again, but also with the breathable wool cover as well. I'm not sure you'd want to bleach your Elbees but maybe you can find a nighttime diaper that will tolerate a harsher routine like that. I use fleece pockets or pocket fitteds at night, and I stuff them with hemp PFs and cotton doublers. This way I can easily bleach the inserts.
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