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Re: Mamma's who work outside the home....

We have multiple dcp depending on the day of the week, and our stash is certainly not simple or streamlined, but it works. We have a decent sized stash of both BGEs and BG 4.0's, and we wash every three days. Until DS was eating food and while he only had EBF poo, we used all BGEs for daycare because there's no stuffing or unstuffing, which is great. Now that he has ploppable / dunkable poo, we use the 4.0's for the main dcp, who changes and wraps up the full diaper for me to clean at home. I find that the suedecloth does better with releasing old poo. When he's with my MIL, we only use BGE's. She's lovely and dunks and swishes for us, but can never remember to take out the inserts of the 4.0's, and I hate unstuffing dirty pockets that have then been swished full of toilet water, so all BGE's when he's there. He's also with my mom one day a week, and we have a special stash for him to use on those days that is mainly velcro closures since my mom has a hard time with the snaps.
Oh, and when I'm home, we use all flats or prefolds with wool.
The good thing about having a different type of diaper for each DCP is that even when I don't finish stuffing / folding from the previous wash load, I still have enough diapers for daycare.
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