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Re: ~~December~~ Chicken Moma Chat Thread. :) Come chat!

Bekki it sounds like your chicks are getting so big! I haven't taken my babies outside yet, if the weather is as strangely warm today as it was yesterday I may let them have a little 15 minute jaunt. Re: the heat, I have read a lot about non-light sources and this is one that is talked about for brooders quite a bit. For any heat source there's a risk of fire. I hung mine by chains and then as a fail-safe took heavy wire and put a second section of wire around the base and attached it to a screw in the wall. Always use the guard that comes with the lamp unit too and put chicken wire over the front if possible. That will help keep the chicks from burning themselves and if for whatever reason the lamp does drop, avoids contact with bedding. Something I wasn't thinking about till I saw one of my chicks do it was that they might try to roost on it. So I don't hang mine where they can fly up on it anymore.
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