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You can use the same detergent on everything, and you might have to experiment a little to find the right one.

There's a myth here that "mainstream" detergent means Tide or All or whatnot. This comes from misinterpreting a Wazoodle article about using mainstream versus boutique detergent.

That article says a "mainstream" detergent has water softeners and builders, and the boutique detergents it mentions aren't detergent but soap.

I have tried dozens of detergents and only Country Save works for us. Country Save has builders and water softeners and other ingredients common to "mainstream" detergents, it just doesn't have petroleum by product, fragrance, phosphates, dyes, fabric softener, optical brighters, and stuff like that.

When I used Tide and others, I got buildup and stains and difficulty rinsing. This was in many types of water and washers all over the country. And I keep buying FSOT diapers from Tide users that are stained... A wash with Country Save takes the stains out and reveals hidden stink, and makes the diapers absorb better.

Just our experience. Tide and other store brands work for some, but I see a trend here lately where people tell newbies they need name brands for diapers.

Country Save is super cheap on Amazon, I hear.
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