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Re: apparently being a sham is easy

Bleh, didn't read all the PPs. So annoying. Actually, the What to Expect the 1st Year book has a great section on this. Here are my arguements:

1) I didn't crawl up there and impregnate myself. They are your children too, which we agreed to have and parent together.

2) Parenting is a 24/7 job. No you don't have to 'work' like him. But he gets to eat lunch when he feels like, pee without an audience whenever he has the need, and doesn't have 3 small people dependent on him for their every need who need constant 100% supervision. He gets to surf the internet or play angry birds to take a quick break.

3) If it's so 'easy' YOU stay home will all of them on Saturday. I will give you a list of everything I get accomplished in a typical day, and I expect it all to be done, and a healthy, home cooked dinner on the table, when I get home. And don't call me asking for any help, because this is your job.

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