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Re: Mamma's who work outside the home....

I wash every 3rd day. I have a mixed variety in my stash - pockets, AI2, AIO (FB, BG 4.0, BB). We have a large stash ~30 inserts and tons of covers (the Best Bottom), and about 40 FB and BG 4.0). We use Best Bottom for daytime and daycare. DS goes to daycare 2x a week for about 6 hours and I send 4 inserts and an extra cover with a wet/dry back each day he's there. No issues with daycare with the BB system. She even swish/dunk solids for me but now he goes in the potty!

For overnight, we use pockets stuffed with hemp doublers. I was double-stuffing with MF inserts at first but that didn't last long now that he's grown and the volume has increased! We've just had a baby and we're using all AIOs per DH's request. We used PF and covers with DS. I also wash every 3rd day and have about 45 in my NB stash. Purchased a few OS AIOs to try out recently. Haven't used them yet but our stash is ever increasing and I've just sold a ton of fitteds and covers we no longer use!

Oh and the wash routine....washed in Country Save: cold soak, hot wash with extra rinse cycle and a normal wash cycle in warm. I line dry everything. Occassional stripping (maybe once every 3 months or so). We have hard water, even with a water up is inevitable, I guess but that isn't so bad. I just piggy back on the routine wash day with additional soak/rinses to strip once the diapers are cleaned.
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